Body Course, Much more than a spa

At “Body Course” spa we  believe  in what we do. This is why we have chosen to provide you the Ayurvedha Seed unique technique, which originates from the Pune region in India.

The technique of thorough, deep work for all parts of the body, with emphasis on body-mind balance, connecting to the body, relieving stress and cleansing of toxins allows the body to be replenished with healthy life energy.
We offer the best therapists in Israel, in soothing treatment rooms, with a magic atmosphere facing the beach, natural refreshments, soothing music and promise an unforgettable experience for the body and soul.

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Classic Ayurvedha Seed massage

The Ayurvedha Seed massage is the mainstay massage of the “Body Course” Center. This is a deep, thorough and soothing work technique whose aim, besides pleasure and calming down, is to balance out the systems of the body. At Body Course ,treatment sessions last about an hour and a half, during which we stimulate the metabolic rate, blood flow and clearance of toxins from the body.

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Massage for pregnant women

A unique treatment that combines oils that are especially suitable for women in various stages of pregnancy. This massage releases the great stress that accumulates during pregnancy in the lower back and leg area, relieves sleep disorders and instills calm, tranquility and quiet.

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Massage for two + guestroom

The Ayurvedha Seed massage, the mainstay massage of Body Course, is available in a room for two as a special extra…
Every Friday, we offer you the option of booking a treatment session for two, immediately followed by staying for the Sabbath with us, in a guestroom on the rooftop with a blue sea, an intoxicating scent in the air and a private unit for a romantic, comforting stay for two.

The best therapists in Israel in a magic atmosphere

The “Body Course” Spa was opened by the two therapists Neta Golan-Schweitzer and Marian Schweitzer, who form together a creative, comforting connection between their greatest loves – the love of hospitality and the love of therapy. The picturesque alleys, the open sea and the stroking wind are just the beginning of a magical journey of detachment and true calm. The journey continues under the skilled hands of a professional team of therapists who will do everything to give you an unforgettable experience that reaches deep into the soul.

Body Course therapist training course

The course is intended for therapists or people who have an orientation for working on the body. The course consists of about 35 hours of practical training in which the basic principles of the Ayurvedha Seed technique are covered. Using this technique, the treatment is performed on a mattress on the floor with sesame oil and calamus root powder.

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A few more little things that you should know about massaging in general and about us

  • A playlist that you will want to hear repeatedly

  • Treatment rooms for both individuals and couples

  • For Fridays it is advisable to reserve a week in advance

  • Body Course customer club members enjoy a range of discounts and comforts throughout the year

  • Increase joint flexibility.

  • Our oil – natural, cold cured sesame oil

  • Our powder is extracted from calamus roots

  • Body Course customers enjoy natural treats

  • It is advisable not to eat two hours before the session

  • A pregnancy treatment session is recommended from week 17 of pregnancy onward

  • An eighty minute treatment of all parts of the body

  • The message helps stimulate the circulation

  • The massage combines gentle skin peeling

  • Massaging on a mattress allows working deeply

  • A deep massage helps release stressed body parts

Location, Location Location

Body Course is in Menucha Street (Hebrew for rest), which always raises smiles when customers come for their first session. If we had to name the street, that is exactly the name we would pick!

3 Menucha Street

What is Menucha Street named after? “Peace and quiet

As it says in the scriptures: “Praise be to the Lord, who has given rest to his people Israel” (1 Kings 8:56)



For our tenth wedding anniversary, we looked for a massage for two, we got warm recommendations on a spa in Yaffo. The experience that we had at Body Course was exceptional. The massage, the therapists, the house, the hospitality and the sea, it was all perfect. I think we know where to celebrate in future years…

““An unforgettable experience, emerging into the world with replenished energy”.”

After an hour and a half of deep massage for the skin, the circulatory and lymphatic systems and the muscles, reassuring pats and a caring attitude, the only thing left is to step out to the roof, take a deep breath of blue sea air, and go back into the world with replenished energy and a feeling that all in all it isn’t too bad and even quite nice.

“I must admit, that I consider myself to be smart! I came for a treatment session at your spa on the day I moved house, a few hours after the last removal people left… It was great (again), and this time more than ever – the right thing to do at the right time!”
Droit koshet
“I was looking for a massage that would bring me close to the earth and make me fly sky high too, I got a massage that treated all parts of my body, I came out a new person. Thank you very much”.
Hilt, Shaar Haamkim
I received a text message to come to 3 Menucha Street, parking in Margoa Street… It started out well, everything felt right around me, the design, the energies and the view of the sea. I told myself that there could be nothing better than this, and that’s how it went… 80 minutes of ambrosia for the senses. Undoubtedly the best, most comforting and soothing massage that I’ve ever had!!! Finally someone understands that massaging on a hard mattress is the right way to go and massage beds are out… When I came down afterward, I received a pampering, vegan desert, which I then thought was the tastiest desert that I’ve ever had, today I understand that it was the massage See you soon”…
Meirav Basson